Black Truffle Puree - Summer Black Truffles
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Black Truffle Puree - Summer Black Truffles

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This black truffle paste easily imparts the earthy and irresistible aroma of truffles into your favorite dishes. This peanut oil based puree is perfect for us in sauces, canapes, or as a light spread on a summer sandwich. During the summer months in Italy, truffle farmers are able to harvest a greater abundance of black truffles than any other season. Due to this natural phenomenon, the prices of Italian black summer truffles are substantially less than winter truffles. However, the lower price should not be mistaken for lower quality. Summer truffles offer the same powerful aromaticity that black truffles are prized for. Buy truffle paste online from the Black Star Gourmet food store for a unique way to enhance flavor and aroma.

Brand:Eugenio Brezzi
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1 Year, Shelf Stable
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