Black Truffle Sea Salt
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Black Truffle Sea Salt

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An irresistible, potent blend of pure Italian sea salt and aromatic Italian black truffle.  The natural sea salt is harvested and is then combines with black truffles which have bee ground to release their full bouquet.  The possibilities are nearly endless with such an amazing seasoning.  Add new life to steak, foie gras, summer salads, or your favorite pasta dish. Buy truffle salt online and you will surely think twice about using regular sea salt ever again.

Brand:Cassina Rossa
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New York, NY

Good truffle Salt

This truffle salt offers a nice delicate truffle essence and aroma of black truffles. It is a versatile product that can be used to give a hint of black truffle flavor on many dishes. I also like this item is nonperishable, it can be stored and used over long periods.

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