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Camembert Cheese
Camembert Cheese is a soft mature cheese from Normandy, France with a chewy downy white rind and yellow creamy center. Napoleon III is said to have enjoyed the “Cheese of Emperors” immensely. Devoted Camembert connoisseurs will tell you that Camembert Cheese is the only French cheese worth trying. Enjoy Camembert goat cheese served at room temperature as a wonderful spread. Cut into wedges like pie, this gourmet food online delicacy is often served for dessert, with wine and luscious ripe fruit. Buy Camembert Cheese and discover for yourself why the French adore this traditional creamy cheese.
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French Cheese Camembert le Bocage French Cheese Camembert le Bocage
French Goat Cheese Camembert du Bocage is a delightfully creamy cheese with a salty taste.
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