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Cooking with Truffles
Truffles are among the most sought after of delicacies, and it is important to give this uniquely delicate ingredient plenty of care when planning your meals. A meal involving truffles must be carefully thought out and properly executed, and it is important to know how to use each variety of truffle in your favorite truffle recipes.

When preparing your truffle recipes keep in mind that since truffles are so aromatic and flavorful, they tend to infuse their aroma and their flavor into the other ingredients. That is why it is so important to choose ingredients that will work well with the truffles, while allowing this special ingredient to take center stage. All other ingredients in the dish should be used to bring out the delicate and wonderful flavor for which truffles are so well known. When preparing a new truffle recipe it is important to avoid other ingredients with strong flavors or odors those elements will clash with the truffles and make the dish less appetizing.

When preparing truffle recipes also keep in mind that truffles can work particularly well with foods that are rich in fat, including butter, cheese, cream and of course fresh foie gras. Fat works well with truffles, no matter which variety of truffles you are using in your recipe.

In order to maximize both the flavor and the aroma of fresh truffles it is important to prepare them properly before they make their way into the dish. Shaving and slivering your fresh truffles will help to bring out the flavor and make the most of this most special of ingredients.

If you are ready to make your favorite truffle recipe and find that fresh truffles are simply not available, you can use preserved truffles as a substitute. When using preserved truffles, however, you will find that they lack the strong aroma and the delicate flavor of their fresh cousins. For this reason many experienced chefs will add a bit of truffle oil or truffle paste to the recipe to make up for this lessened flavor. If you are lucky enough to find fresh truffles, be sure to use them the same day they are purchased if at all possible. You can keep fresh truffles for up to three days, but the flavor will be diminished with each passing day.

Winter black truffles, particularly the famous black diamond truffles, are surprisingly good with eggs, and they are often used as the star of scrambled eggs, omelets and other creations. The eggs will readily soak up the delicate flavor of these special truffles to create a one of a kind breakfast dish.

Truffles also pair well with pastas, particularly with pastas that have been dressed up with a creamy sauce. The hearty flavors of the cream sauce will combine beautifully with the hearty flavors of the fresh truffles. When serving truffles with pasta, however, these delicate ingredients should be thinly grated or shaved over the finished dish, and not used in the cooking.

No matter how you choose to prepare your truffles, this delicate and unique ingredient is sure to be the star of the show. So head down to your local gourmet food market today, pick up some fresh white or black truffles and start experimenting with some of your favorite truffle recipes.

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