French Black Summer Truffles - Whole, Brushed - First Choice
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French Black Summer Truffles - Whole, Brushed - First Choice

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Perfectly suited for use in hot dishes, preserved truffles offer a great way to cook with truffles even when fresh truffles are out of season. These French black truffles have been delicately preserved in water and salt to preserve their natural dark appearance. When ordering these truffles for use in an upcoming dinner preparation, it is important to note that the flavor and aroma of preserved black truffles are not as strong as that of fresh truffles. The beauty of these preserved gems is that not only do they maintain their bold dark coloring for beautiful garnishing, but they also release their locked aromas when heated. For a cost effective way to add that beloved, exotic truffle aroma, shave a few slivers of these French black truffles into hot risotto, mashed potatoes or on top of sauteed whitefish.

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