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French Oil
Let our exquisite French oil assortment inspire your culinary creativity. Create a sensational pumpkin seed oil dressing or drizzle France’s best olive oil with black truffle aroma over warmed slices of artisan bread. The flavors and ambience of the French countryside await with our gourmet food online specialties. Buy olive oil or try distinctively French oil and discover for yourself why the French adore cooking with culinary oils.
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Walnut Oil Walnut Oil
An aromatic and flavorful oil made from lightyl toasted walnuts that is perfect drizzled on salads and pasta.
Avocado Kernel Oil Avocado Kernel Oil
Avocado Kernel Oil comes from hand-selected organic avocados grown in sunny California.
French Grapeseed Oil by Vivier French Grapeseed Oil by Vivier
French Grapeseed Oil is extracted from the seeds of wine grapes and has been a favorite in Europe’s kitchens for centuries.
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French Pure Almond Oil by Vivier French Pure Almond Oil by Vivier
Pure Almond Oil is rich golden colored oil from first-pressed raw almonds and is a natural source of vitamins A and E.
Hazelnut Oil Hazelnut Oil
French Hazelnut Oil inspired the delightful combination of hazelnut and chocolate.
Pistachio Oil Pistachio Oil
French Pistachio Oil has a decidedly green hue and long lasting savory taste that works well with your favorite seafood dishes.
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Pinenut Oil Pinenut Oil
French Pine Nut Oil is brilliant golden yellow oil that has a wonderfully toasted smell.
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Black Star Gourmet offers a world of unique culinary oils and vinegars along with other exclusive gourmet food online. Choose from superb avocado, pistachio and hazelnut oils from France and delectable truffle oil from Italy. Shop our selection for the purest olive oil and buy the world’s best balsamic vinegar, delivered fresh to your door. Superior ingredients make it easy to create exceptional gourmet food. Buy our gourmet oil and vinegar for unsurpassed quality.