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French Sauces
French Sauces are a central part of French gourmet cuisine. From rich and creamy Bearnaise sauce, to a garlic mayonnaise called Aioli sauce, you’ll find our selection of French sauces has something for everyone. Many gourmet sauces can be difficult to make and require a lot of time. Buy French sauces like our Hollandaise Sauce and you’ll not only save precious time, you and your guests will savor these fresh, quality gourmet sauces.
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French Mayonnaise French Mayonnaise
Made with fresh, natural ingredients for a truly delectable homemade quality
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Hollandaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce
Hollandaise Sauce is a yellow-hued sauce with a thick and smooth texture.
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French Bearnaise Sauce French Bearnaise Sauce
A luscious sauce made with egg yolks and enhanced with tarragon.
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French Tartare Sauce French Tartare Sauce
French Tartare Sauce is a great accompaniment to warm or cold seafood.
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