French Winter White Truffle Butter
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French Winter White Truffle Butter

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Exotic and intensely aromatic winter white truffles have been harmoniously blended into rich, creamy French butter to create a truly exquisite product. With full aroma of winter white truffles and the velvety, creamy texture of lightly salted French butter, enhancing your favorite dishes has never been easier. Simply add a small amount to freshly cooked pasta, grilled steaks, or even create a luxurious lobster dipping sauce. The possibilities are endless and we guarantee that once you buy white truffle butter online from our gourmet food store, you will think twice about ever using plain butter again! Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within two weeks.

Shelf Life:
2 Months, Refrigerated
Shipping:Product is perishable and will ship via overnight delivery