Fresh Truffles - Italian Burgundy Black Truffles
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Fresh Truffles - Italian Burgundy Black Truffles

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Freshly harvested and imported from Italy on regular basis while in season. Unlike white truffles, the Burgundy black truffle has a more subtle aroma than other fresh truffle varieties and are perfect when you are looking for a milder hint of truffle flavor in your dishes. Each truffle will arrive fresh at your door and packaged perfectly to retain maximum flavor and aroma, so you can create your favorite culinary masterpieces. With our stainless steel truffle slicer, it is also easy to add unforgettable flavor to hot risotto, scrambled eggs, cooked pasta, mac and cheese and many other dishes simply by shaving a few slices of these luxurious black summer truffles on top. Truffle lovers know all to well how short the seasons are, so buy fresh black truffles online today while fresh and in stock!

Product Price:
The listed price per ounce for this product can be guaranteed only for orders shipped within the current week.  If a later ship date is requested, the price charged will the the current price of truffles during the specified week.

Product Weight:
Since individual truffle sizes vary, you are charged based on the actual product shipped weight. For example: If one truffle (0.9-1.1 ounce) is ordered, but the actual truffle is 1.2 ounce, you will be charged for 1.2 ounces. We guarantee that we do our best to match the order size to the actual ship weight.

Shipping Cost:
For all fresh truffle products you are charged based on the actual ship weight.  The indicated overnight shipping rate is only an estimate. Fresh truffles typically require more temperature regulation material (ice packs, dry ice, etc.) than other perishable items, so this will increase weight upon shipping.

Shipping Timeframe: 
Estimated delivery time will be 2-3 business days from day of order, as this is a pre-order item.

Due to natural growth while underground each truffle may vary slightly in size and color.

Shelf Life:
3 weeks
Wrap in a damp paper towel and store in the refrigerator,
Shipping:Product is perishable and will be shipped via overnight delivery

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