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Hard Cheese
Hard Cheese is aged to perfection and packed with flavor. Whether you prefer French Cheese or Italian Cheese, hard cheese merits a place on any cheese lover’s plate. Our assortment of delicious hard cheeses includes some of the most popular, like Pecorino Toscano and Cacciocavallo Silano. Many grated hard cheeses, like Parmigiano Reggiano supply a unique flavor and character to pasta dishes. Black Star Gourmet offers the finest in gourmet food online and when you buy our Hard Cheese you are getting unequalled quality in a gourmet cheese gift and an inspiring complement to any gourmet recipe
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Italian Goat Cheese Capra Valtellina Italian Goat Cheese Capra Valtellina
A carefully aged goat cheese with the soothing taste of sweet mountain herbs
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Cacciocavallo Silano from raw cows milk Cacciocavallo Silano from raw cows milk
A traditional stretched curd cheese from Italy.
Price for 4.5 pounds shown, smaller sizes available.
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