Italian Summer White Truffle Butter (Burro Tartufato)
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Italian Summer White Truffle Butter (Burro Tartufato)

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This rich, creamy butter has been generously infused with the intoxicating aroma and subtle flavors of Italian white truffles. Turn almost any dinner into a culinary masterpiece with just a small amount of this velvety truffle butter; add a dollop to cooked pasta, mix into a risotto, top a grilled steak or even spread onto a warm piece of toast for a late night gourmet snack. At a fraction of the price of fresh truffles and with unforgettable aromaticity, you will want to have this truffle butter stocked all year round!

Brand:Eugenio Brezzi
Shelf Life:
1 week, After opening
Shipping:Product usually ships within one business day