JUMBO Wild Morel Mushrooms Dried - Cone shaped
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JUMBO Wild Morel Mushrooms Dried - Cone shaped

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Our dried Jumbo Morel mushrooms are a rare and high quality gourmet cooking ingredient. These aromatic morel mushrooms have been selected, sorted, and cleaned by hand to ensure premium quality. An exclusively springtime harvest is what makes these delicious mushrooms rare and highly sought after in the culinary world. Morel mushrooms are an extremely versatile and always pleasing cooking ingredient. Saute them in butter and serve with your favorite protein dish, slice into an omelet, or serve whole in a hearty soup. Simply soak the dried morel mushrooms in water for approximately 30 minutes prior to use and you are all set to create delectable morel mushroom inspired dishes. Buy morel mushrooms online from Black Star Gourmet and create wonderful dishes at home with one of the favorite ingredients of French cuisine!

Shelf Life:
1 years
Room temperature
Shipping:Product usually ships within 1 business day