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Lumpfish Caviar
Lumpfish caviar is a small grain black roe with a pronounced salty fish flavor. This crunchy roe makes a great appetizer or garnish. This excellent alternative to pricier Caspian Sea caviar has a wonderful pop and when dyed gold or red adds a burst of color to seafood and other dishes. A beautiful caviar to serve, it is pasteurized so it has a long shelf life. Buy this versatile Lumpfish Caviar and be sure you are getting the finest gourmet food online at the best price.
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Red Lumpfish Caviar Red Lumpfish Caviar
Red Lumpfish Caviar is a small grain roe with a wonderful pop and robust salty flavor.
Black Lumpfish Caviar Black Lumpfish Caviar
Black Lumpfish Caviar is inexpensive caviar with an intense briny taste.
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