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Norwegian Salmon
Norwegian Smoked Salmon is one of the most popular varieties of smoked salmon today. The flesh is very lean and has a beautiful peach-pink color and the taste is intensely smoky with a slight salty aftertaste. This delicious salmon is smoked in Norway using traditional dry-curing methods. If you’ve never tried Norwegian smoked salmon there’s no better time to try it. Buy this delightful smoked salmon from our gourmet food online selection.
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Norwegian Smoked Salmon Pre Sliced Norwegian Smoked Salmon Pre Sliced
Our Norwegian Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced has the same delicious old-world smoky taste and silky-smooth texture that Norwegians have been enjoying for centuries.
Norwegian Gravadlax Smoked Salmon Norwegian Gravadlax Smoked Salmon
This wonderful smoked salmon will gracefully steal the show as a unique appetizer at your next intimate dinner party.
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Imperial Cut Norwegian Smoked Salmon Imperial Cut
This tenderloin cut was traditionally reserved for the Tsar and his court.
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