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Osetra Golani Caviar
Israeli Golani Caviar is farm-raised caviar from the Russian Osetra sturgeon. Harvested in Israel each month for year-round freshness, this farmed caviar has all the wonderful attributes and exceptional taste that you’ll find in wild sturgeon caviar. A warm golden brown color and rich, nutty taste make it a pleasure for the palate. Whether you are a first time caviar taster or a caviar connoisseur, Black Star Gourmet offers the finest in gourmet food online and when you buy Israeli Golani Caviar from our gourmet food store, you won’t be disappointed.
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Osetra Golani Caviar Malossol Osetra Golani Caviar Malossol
Osetra Golani Caviar is farm grown and cultivated in Israel and harvested at the peak of perfection.
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