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Pate and Mousse
Our Pate and Mousse selection features a delicious assortment of duck and goose liver pates. Rougié is the world’s leading authority in foie gras and our gourmet food online store has many products, designed for both new culinary aficionados as well as the established chef. For a special evening, try a pate in Port wine or delicious goose liver mousse with a truffle center. They come fully cooked and ready to serve chilled. The perfect appetizer, buy a silky, smooth goose liver mousse or goose liver pate for your next party.
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Duck Mousse with Port Wine (available by pre-order) Duck Mousse with Port Wine (available by pre-order)
Perfect for entertaining, this silky smooth duck mousse is marinated in sweet, aromatic Port wine.
Duck Rillettes Terrine Micuit Duck Rillettes Terrine Micuit
A popular French appetizer that has amazing rustic, traditional flavor.
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Whole Duck Foie Gras in Aspic with Armagnac Brandy (Micuit, ready to serve) Whole Duck Foie Gras in Aspic with Armagnac Brandy (Micuit, ready to serve)
A mouth watering pate of rich, buttery duck liver blended with French Armagnac brandy.
Our Fresh Foie Gras is available as goose foie gras or duck foie gras and comes from France and Canada. Fresh foie gras is a beautiful golden color and is harvested warm for long lasting flavour. Fresh duck foie gras should have a sweet and nutty taste, while fresh goose foie gras retains a rich, buttery flavor. Our fresh and flash frozen foie gras is available in whole lobes or pre-sliced and portioned for easy preparation. When you buy Fresh Foie Gras from our Black Star Gourmet food online catalog, you are guaranteed freshness and quality.