Petit Basque - French semi-soft-sheep's milk cheese
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Petit Basque - French semi-soft-sheep's milk cheese

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Petit Basque is a semi-soft-sheep's milk cheese that is carefully hand crafted in the French Pyrenee mountains. On the French side of this Spanish-French bordering mountain range, the Basques produce this unique cheese using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. Wide open grasslands permeated with the fresh mountain air create a nutrient rich environment for the sheep that produce the milk for this semi-soft cheese. Petit Basque has a robust earthy flavor with nutty undertones and is packaged beautifully in a whole, uncut cylinder. If you are seeking to buy cheese online, Petit Basque makes for a great cheese gift and pairs perfectly with your next wine and cheese soiree.

Brand:Petit Basque
Storage:Refrigerated 2 Weeks
Shipping: Product is perishable and will ship via overnight delivery.