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Black Star Gourmet offers you a world of authentic gourmet meats including delicious Italian salami. The word salami comes from the Latin salumen, which means a mix of salted meats. With its long history, these Italian pork sausages soon came to have regional differences. For example Salame Finocchiona is famous for its use of fennel seeds in its spice mix. Our Toscano Style Dry Salami is a perennial Italian favorite. Savor it with a mixed antipasto plate and crostini. Shop our exclusive gourmet food online and buy delicious Italian salami. Our Salamis make wonderful gourmet food gifts.
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Moscow Dry Hard Salami Moscow Dry Hard Salami
Our bold and smoky flavored Russian style salami is made using the traditional Russian recipe.
Salami with Parmesian and Gelatin - Canada Salami with Parmesian and Gelatin - Canada
Our Parmesan salami is a pork sausage coated with gelatine and parmesan cheese for a unique taste.
Italian Toscano Dried Salami Italian Toscano Dried Salami
Toscano Style Dry Salami or salame as the Italianís call it is a spicy pork and beef blend stuffed into an easy to remove casing.
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