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Salted Butter
At Black Star Gourmet we offer you delicious specialty salted butter from our gourmet food online store. Our specialty butters from France include the internationally known Echire butter, a butter that is so loved by the French that they only allow a small percentage of the butter they produce to be imported. This ultimate gourmet sensation has a rustic flavor and a delightful creamy texture. Not overly brackish, the salt seasoning is subtle and delicious. Buy Eschire salted butter from our gourmet food store today.
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French Echire Butter Salted French Echire Butter Salted
Our French Echire Butter, AOC, Salted is produced in the town of Echire, in the Poitou-Charentes region.
Vermont Butter Salted Vermont Butter Salted
Vermont Butter from the Vermont Butter & Cheese company is world class cultured butter.
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