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Shiitake Mushrooms
Shiitake Mushrooms are extremely versatile and very popular in Oriental cooking. Known also as the Chinese black mushroom or black forest mushroom, these mushrooms have a long history in both Japanese and Chinese cuisine. When dried, mushrooms have a more intense aroma and taste, with a chewy texture. It’s important to note that these gourmet mushrooms are exceptional for overall health. Be sure to save the water you soak them in because it is full of nutrients - a trick that Asian cultires have used for centuries. Buy delectable Shiitake dried mushrooms from our gourmet food online and use them for stir-fries, sauces, and as a welcome compliment to almost any dish.
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Forest Mushroom Medley Dried Forest Mushroom Medley Dried
Our Dried French Forest Mushroom Mix is a luscious selection of hand selected wild mushrooms ready to enhance any dish.
Shitake Mushrooms Dried Shitake Mushrooms Dried
Shiitake Mushrooms are known for their magnificent smoky flavor and meaty texture.
Mixed Forest Mushrooms Dried Mixed Forest Mushrooms Dried
Our Dried Wild Mushrooms Mix is a delicious melange of hand picked wild mushrooms.