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Carp Caviar Taramosalata is a special carp roe spread that tastes sensational on vegetables or unsalted crackers. This International gourmet food comes from Greece where carp roe is naturally cured using salt and aged for over one year to become Tarama. When the Tarama is blended with chopped onion, oil and lemon juice it becomes Taramosalata. An ideal caviar gift, when you buy Carp Caviar Taramosalata from Black Star gourmet food online you are guaranteed the freshest international gourmet food available anywhere.
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Taramosalata Greek Style Carp Caviar Taramosalata Greek Style Carp Caviar
Taramosalata Greek Style Carp Caviar is made from carp roe that has been cured and aged for over one full year.
At Black Star Gourmet a world of Specialty Caviar awaits. Our gourmet food online selection includes such popular specialties as Capelin caviar. A staple in sushi and sashimi recipes, Japanese chefs call it Masago caviar From the Greek isles you’ll want to try a special treat of Taramosalata, a spread made from delicate Carp roe. For a wonderful new taste experience caviar aficionados can expand their culinary horizons by tasting our Trout Roe black caviar. Sample our specialty caviar today!