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The Appeal of Truffles
While there are many unique foods in the world, there are some foods that have an undeniable mystique. For some of these foods, this mystique derives from their unique flavors, while for other foods the appeal is one of rarity and prestige. For truffles, there is a multifaceted appeal, stemming not only from the fact that these culinary items are so rare and hard to come by, but also from the unique flavor and storied history they bring – quite literally – to the table.

The appeal of truffles brings to mind many fascinating pictures, including truffle hunters waking before dawn in the search for these elusive treats. The very nature of the truffle is steeped in mystery, and this mysterious culinary treat has been revered for centuries. The scent of the truffle is one of the things that makes it so special, and many people feel that the scent and flavor of the truffle is a powerful aphrodisiac. But whether they have romantic qualities or not, these unique items are worthy of special consideration in the gastronomical world.

One of the most unique aspects of this revered and highly flavorful fungus is the way in which it is harvested. As they grow, truffles give off a special scent that is impossible for humans to detect but irresistible to boars. Specially trained pigs have long been used to search for and harvest truffles, although in the modern world highly trained dogs are often used in place of the boars.

Once those truffles are harvested, they can be used in a wide variety of special dishes, ranging from appetizers to main courses to even desserts. The rarity of truffles and the difficulties encountered when harvesting them means that these special mushrooms are very much a specialty item – and an expensive one at that. But as with everything, truffle prices vary quite a bit, any many people love to give themselves a special treat by preparing a home cooked meal with fresh truffles. Whether you choose white truffles or black truffles, you are sure to enjoy this sensual and magnificent treat.

For those who are as interested in preserving their figures as in enjoying one of the world’s best treats, the good news is that truffles are surprisingly nutritious. Truffles are very low in fat, and they have a high mineral content as well. In fact truffles are particularly good sources of magnesium and calcium, two of the important building blocks of bone health. So you can enjoy these special treats without guilt, knowing that these special treats are as good for you as they are delicious.

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