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Whitefish Roe
Whitefish Roe Caviar is a small, crisp roe harvested from the whitefish that populate pristine alpine freshwater lakes. These pearls present themselves in a range of colors from golden-orange and pink to ruby red caviar. Prestigious chef’s love it for its crunchy texture and mild taste. While the natural mild palate makes it a popular choice for flavour infusing and smoking, this versatile whitefish caviar is distinctive enough to be served au natural. An ideal caviar gift, when you buy Whitefish roe caviar from Black Star gourmet food online you are guaranteed freshness and superlative quality.
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American Golden Whitefish Caviar American Golden Whitefish Caviar
American Golden Whitefish Caviar offers a mild, slightly sweet flavor in a unique apricot gold grain.
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