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Wild Mushroom Mixes
Our Wild Mushroom Mixes are a luxurious blend of the culinary world’s most treasured wild mushrooms. These gourmet mushrooms are hand selected and ready to enhance your specialties. Indulge in the flavors and textures of delicious Shiitake, Cèpe, Chanterelle and Morel mushrooms. Our assortment of wild mushrooms includes dried mushrooms as well as an elegant blend, canned in water. Black Star Gourmet offers the finest in gourmet food online and when you buy our Wild Mushroom Mixes you are getting unequaled quality in gourmet mushrooms and an exceptional complement to all your gourmet recipes.
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Forest Mushroom Medley Dried Forest Mushroom Medley Dried
Our Dried French Forest Mushroom Mix is a luscious selection of hand selected wild mushrooms ready to enhance any dish.
Mixed Forest Mushrooms Dried Mixed Forest Mushrooms Dried
Our Dried Wild Mushrooms Mix is a delicious melange of hand picked wild mushrooms.