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About Us
Black Star Gourmet
(A division of SMB Global, Inc.)

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Commack, NY 11725 US

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Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm EST

Welcome to Black Star Gourmet, the world’s online gourmet marketplace offering exquisite food, beverages and gourmet delicacies.

This is the place to shop for rare culinary specialties from across the globe. Along with our superlative assortment of caviar and caviar gift sets you’ll find a world class selection of gourmet cheeses and legendary French and Italian truffles.

Whether you are shopping for special items for an intimate soiree or for an elegant holiday celebration, our luxurious food selection has something for every one of life’s special occasions.

Our guests shop for delicious charcuterie from Spain and Italy, masterfully prepared duck and goose, foie gras and succulent smoked salmon.

Our family has always been passionate about life, food and entertaining and we know that it takes the finest ingredients to create the very best cuisine. 

Our Story

Black Star Gourmet was founded on the ultimate belief that great cuisine and wonderful entertainment is the cornerstone to living a full and joyful life. 

In good times and bad, delicious food has always brought our family together. Nothing clears the palate better after a difficult week, than a thankful toast to life with a shot of vodka and a spoonful of caviar. (A recipe best seasoned with plenty of good music and dancing!)

It was in 1975, with nothing but a few suitcases and the dream of creating a better life, that the first of our family left their birthplace in Odessa, Ukraine and headed for the United States.

In the Ukraine, entertaining and serving delicious food and drinks had been a way of life, so it only seemed natural that in 1978, our family opened its very first exclusive restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. Guests at Sadko restaurant were treated to an elegant banquet and a spectacular cabaret show, followed by an evening of dancing to live music. 

Following the same success principles, our family opened the Odessa Restaurant in 1979, and three years later the elegant Rossiya Restaurant made its debut.

In 1996, we opened the Brighton Bazaar gourmet supermarket, in Brighton Beach, NY. Dubbed by Saveur.com as “the nation’s high temple of Eastern European home cooking”, it features a wide selection of fresh gourmet offerings, including caviar, culinary oils and vinegars, wild mushrooms and smoked salmon.  

Orion Palace opened its doors in 2001. A premiere restaurant and catering hall, it is the ideal setting for luxurious weddings and large private events. The chic, elegant ambience is enhanced by superb food and exceptional service.

Black Star Gourmet is proud to carry on our family’s legacy, which has spanned for over 3 decades. It is a legacy that celebrates a passion for superb tasting foods from all around the globe and is centered on treating each customer as an honorary guest.

Our Vision

Our family comes from the beautiful city of Odessa, which is near the Black Sea. A huge port city, many countries traded food and other goods there. From this kaleidoscope of culinary offerings, the “star of the Black Sea” adopted its own unique culture and tastes.

Like Odessa, our goal is to create an online marketplace that celebrates many cultures and embraces the great treasure trove of delicacies and gourmet foods enjoyed in many countries.

Black Star Gourmet offers a superb selection of domestic and imported gourmet foods to the new generation of gourmands.  From the nouveau connoisseur to the seasoned epicurean, our gourmet food gifts offer quality and superior presentation.

We’re committed to creating a convenient, elegant gourmet shopping experience for your culinary enjoyment.