Prosciutto e Melone

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The following simple yet elegant appetizer comes from bell'alimento its a sure way to please your dinner guests and great for summer: Ingredients: Method:
  1. To make the melon balls: Cut the cantaloupe in half and remove the seeds. Using your melon baller {size of your choice} remove as many scoops of the cantaloupe as possible.
  2. Place the cantaloupe balls into a container and pour the lime juice over.
  3. Slice the Prosciutto into small strips large enough to wrap around the circumference of your melon ball once.
  4. When you’re ready to assemble, wrap the prosciutto strips around the melon ball and garnish with a small mint leaf. Place on serving tray. Right before serving drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar on top.
  5. To make the melon SLICES: Cut the cantaloupe in half and remove the seeds and the rind. Cut the cantaloupe into slices, careful not to break them. When you’re ready to assemble follow instructions above.
Buon Appetito!
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